Video and Podcast

Take Your Service to the People!

You can embed your podcast, videos and live stream all in one easy to use app. Watch your user base rapidly grow as you make your content easily accessible through your custom app.

Video and Podcast

How it Works

We make it simple to get your current media content out to the masses without duplicating your work. The Bible and Journal App platform integrates with your current podcast, YouTube, Vimeo and live stream service so that you don’t have to upload twice. Once you upload your media content to your current provider or website your app will automatically pull in the content through RSS feeds so you don’t have to do extra work. This saves you time and money.

Bible and Journal App “Social” Advantage

One of the best ways for your content to go viral is through social sharing. The Bible and Journal app makes this simple with one touch social share. Now your viewers can tell all their friends on Facebook with one simple click, the post will also include link to download your app allowing it to also go viral.

Social Sharing

Media Pricing

Podcasting integration is included in the standard package at no additional cost. Video and live streaming integration requires a one time setup fee of $100 for each. There is no additional cost on a monthly basis. (Upgrade can be done at anytime, including after app is live in the app stores).