Pastors. Ministry leaders. Nonprofit leaders. Marketplace leaders. Each are called to engage and love their city for the glory of the gospel.

What does it mean to love the city? What does this look like? in 2015 we will be uniting the churches of Los Angeles at one event for one purpose-to set aside our agendas and learn from each other what it means to love LA.

At this event we will hear what churches and church planters are doing. We will learn about partnerships in the city and ways to partner together. We will discuss how social problems impact LA. We will learn how LA is integral in shaping culture and why culture is important. We will hear from leaders in the entertainment, arts, political, and business community. And we will discover how the men and women of LA, Asians, Caucasians, Hispanics and African Americans are loving and engaging their city for the Gospel.

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