March 09 2015

Our Company Name Is Changing

There are lots of great things happening with our mobile app company that we want to catch you up on. First, we are excited to announce that we are changing our name after 4 years from Bible and Journal App to Custom Church Apps.

Why are we changing our name? Good question.

When we started our mobile app company we were passionately motivated to help churches better connect with today’s mobile culture. We chose the name “Bible and Journal App” because it defined what separated us from the pack. As one of the big 3 church app companies at that time we had all the main features like podcast, blog and social media, but what separated us was the integration of a great Bible feature along with a world-class journal experience.

In 2014 we added to our focus the goal of making our church app platform fully customizable. This was not easy! We have not seen another app company that had (or has) developed technology that would let you fully customize the look and feel of your app on an ongoing basis. Well, we did it! Not only did we make it fully customizable, but also we developed an industry first “try it before you buy it” experience.

These advancements have helped us grow to be the leading church app company in the world. We have exclusive relationships with denominations like the Assemblies of God, fellowships like the Church of God, and apostolic ministries like MFI. These relationships are the result of our features, customization, and pricing being far beyond our competition.

So with all this momentum we are changing our name to Custom Church Apps so that we are not mistaken as just a Bible and Journal app. Custom Church Apps will continue to be a company that is passionate about helping churches better connect with today’s mobile culture.

In 2015 Custom Church Apps has already rolled out our new “forms” feature that allows you to have forms like “new here”, “prayer request”, “sign ups”, and more built right into the app at no additional cost. We have our new banner feature that allows you to put what is most important to you in the banner position of the home page. We are currently building a new journal experience that will allow you to add pictures, audio, and even gives the church the ability to push weekly sermon notes into the app.

You can easily see why Custom Church Apps is rapidly growing and why we are so excited about the future. Please watch this short video and join us in celebrating our new name “Custom Church Apps” by getting your FREE app started today. May your ministry be blessed in 2015 as you seek to reach more people.  – Custom Church Apps

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