September 05 2014

ONLINE GIVING: Does it help your church community?

How easy do you make it for people to give in your church?

Today’s fast paced culture likes convenience, options and simplicity when it comes to spending or giving money. People in the church are no different when it comes to tithes and offerings. Most people desire giving to be an easy part of their everyday life. As you can see below, doing this will increase their involvement in church giving and also help you with bookkeeping. The info-graphic below lays out some compelling insights for why you should consider getting a mobile app with giving built right into it.


Are there reasons you would not want mobile giving?

The majority of culture functions around debit and credit cards. There was recently a commercial on TV that showed someone in line at a grocery store holding up the line because they were using a check rather than a credit card. Fewer and fewer people are carrying cash or a checkbook, but almost everyone has a debit or credit card on them at all times. By empowering your church with the option of online giving you make tithes and offerings more convenient. Here are a few observations about giving:


How hard is it to set up online giving?

Many businesses and churches struggle implementing technology. It is often confusing and very time consuming. The beauty of mobile giving with a Bible and Journal app is that we make it easy and affordable. We have partnered exclusively with Easytithe, the world’s best mobile online giving provider to make it simple for you. We can connect to your current giving provider or help you set up a free account in minutes. Here are some more answers to some common objections to online giving.


Looking for a giving solution?

Mobile Giving

Our online giving solution offers
  • Automatic Recurring Donations
  • Integrates with Website
  • Text Giving
  • Kiosk Giving
  • Fully Customizable

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