September 10 2013

Maybe turned out to be absolutely!

Here at the Bible and Journal App we believe in the principle of time and resource management.  Simply put, we want to maximize all that God has given us.  All of us have the same amount of time in any given day to get things done. Learning to maximize what little extra time you have in the gaps and cracks of your schedule is the key to increasing your impact.

We built our entire platform based around this principle.

We hope to get a Bible in the hands of every person possible at all times so that they can read it more.  If we could get content from their church alongside it, maybe they would connect with their church community better. What we found is that our “maybe” turned into an absolutely!  People who have a Bible and Journal church app with them are using it to fill in the gaps and cracks of their schedule.

The idea of maximizing your spare time is not a difficult concept to understand, but implementing it into daily life can be a challenge. Many people struggle to truly use their spare minutes in beneficial ways. Many great leaders have said in one way or another that their time management is the key to their success. We are not always able to go do more, but sometimes we can just use our time differently to create a greater impact.

The small refinements of a good thing make it great!

We want to challenge everyone to maximize your time, talents and resources.  We hope you’ll strive to make every minute count. Make a habit of finding ways in your busy schedule to spend more time reading the Bible. Be resourceful with what you do have. There are many ways you can do this, like using companies like “Because of Camilito” (who use their profits to provide clean water to those in need), serving in your church or helping at a local non-profit to name just a few.  Remember this, its the small refinements of your time management today that will determine your impact throughout your future.

If you are a church or ministry leader let us help you empower your community with a custom branded Bible and Journal App. You can help people get into the Bible daily. Take a moment and learn how easy and affordable it is to get your app started.


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