December 23 2014

Free Church App 30 Day Trial

The world of mobile app technology just took a huge step forward!

We are excited to introduce you to our new custom church app platform. Our new technology allows us to be the first in the world to offer a free 30 day trail of a church app before you buy it. Countless hours have been poured into this project! So, to help you fully understand our product, we first wanted to share with you our passion. We are so much more then just a technology company!

Our platform was developed by pastors, for pastors. Our heart is to help churches better connect with today’s mobile culture, and ultimately help people daily connect with Jesus. As we set out on our journey in 2010 we had three big things in mind. We wanted to make it simple, valuable, & affordable

  1. Simple is not a phrase you here often about mobile apps. That’s what makes us so unique. You can literally build an app in 5 minutes on our platform. You can easily integrate your website features, social media, video and podcast directly from the places you already have them. This means you don’t have to double load content in your website and app each week. We like to say, if you can log into the internet, you can use our dashboard.
  2. We wanted to make it valuable to the end users. What good is a n app no one uses. Most church apps today are just a glorified podcast player, they offer no daily value to the end users. Our app is so engaging. We integrate Bibles, both audio and digital, daily reading plans, a note taking journal, music player, all your social media, podcast, online giving, calendars, church signups, and so much more. We guarantee your users will find great value in using your app daily.
  3. We also wanted to make it affordable. We built our platform personally knowing the challenge of stewarding a church budget. We are proud to say we offer the lowest pricing in the industry, along with the offering the highest quality app. We are also the only church app company that lets you try our app free for 30 days, if you like it, after the first month you start paying only $19.95. You can also upgrade to our custom branded app at any time.

We look forward to helping you better connect with today’s mobile culture. We want to encourage you to take a few minutes right now and build your app. Just click the link below and join hundreds of thousands of our users that are connecting with their church and God daily via our mobile technology.

Try our no-risk 30 Day trial offer today

30 Day Trial Offer