July 01 2013

Now Partnered With Logos Bible Software!

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Ease of use makes all the difference! Pastors and leaders often talk to us about their desire to take their service up a notch with technology. The challenge is they don’t have the skilled volunteers to run it. This is a common reality for most churches. Even the big ones struggle more then you would think getting enough talent to run all the technology they have. If this reality resembles your church, and your team has the talent it takes to run a simple powerpoint, then we have great news for you.

The Bible and Journal App company is excited to announce we have partnered with Logos Bible software, the world’s leading Bible software company.

This partnership allows us to bring you the “Proclaim” live presentation software right inside your custom church app. Now the congregation can follow the announcements, sign up for an event, give online and see sermon notes right from their phone or iPad during the service. The beautiful thing about it all is that it’s as simple as running powerpoint.

Proclaim is the worlds easiest church software platform. It has been designed with you, the church in mind. Every feature is laid out in a clear and easy to use way so volunteers can quickly learn it. You no longer have to have a staff IT director to make a Sunday morning service excellent in presentation. We like to say “If you can run powerpoint, Proclaim will be a walk in the park”.

Proclaim is more then just super simple, it is also collaborative.

This allows you to engage volunteers and part time staff on their time table. It brings a centralized solution to all your presentation needs. Now you and your service team can add to and edit your presentation throughout the week from anywhere. It lets you arrange lyrics, outlines, and images from anywhere, anytime. When you’re ready to present, just click On Air. No more last-minute presentation nightmares. No more live service blunders!

Proclaim also interfaces with your CCLI SongSelect account, Graceway media account, and will import your order of service from Planning Center Online. The greatest part of Proclaim is that with your custom church app in your congregations hands.


Proclaim signals allow you to send scriptures, web links and more directly to mobile devices in your congregation.

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