August 16 2014

Church and Social Media

Churches everywhere are working hard to get their social media content into the hands of their people. But recent changes to Facebook have made it much harder for followers to see social content unless churches pay to promote individual posts.

Church Social Media

Social media experts estimate that an individual Facebook post will only reach 10-15% of your page followers unless you pay to promote that post.

One way that you can overcome this difficulty is to make it easy for your congregation share your content on their personal timelines. This way, all their Facebook friends will see your post and it provides that all-valuable social proof you need to gain credibility with people you are trying to reach.

There’s a lot of buzz lately about new social media services for churches. New companies are helping you better promote on social media like and Faith Social. These types of services encourage people in your congregation to share your social media content on their personal pages with a few simple clicks. The cost for these services begins with a $199-299 set up fee and costs anywhere from $59 to several hundred dollars per month. Their goal is to help get your content onto your congregations social media channels. For the exception of mega-churches, this social media solution is often to far out of the budget.

Another way your church could accomplish the goal of helping your congregation share your social media content along with adding several other benefits is through the use of a custom mobile app. Getting an app for your church has so many features that connects you to your congregation. One of the key features is to make social-sharing your content really easy. Every Bible and Journal App comes with the option to integrate your church’s social networks. And with our newest app update, getting your social content out there is one click away!

Simply initiate a push notification to your congregation letting them know there’s a great post they could consider sharing. They click on the Facebook tab within the app, click on your post and click share. Just like that, your post has been shared with a whole new audience. And better yet, it’s not you saying good things about your church…it’s individuals within your congregation.

This is just one way that getting a custom mobile app can help you serve your congregation and reach more people in your community. Our apps have many features that can strengthen your church community including:

  • A custom graphics package
  • Online mobile giving
  • Social media (Facebook, twitter, etc)
  • Podcasting
  • Video Integration (Vimeo, Youtube, etc)
  • Live streaming
  • Website, events, calendar
  • Blog
  • Bible (40 versions)
  • Journal and more

And best of all, the cost of getting your church it’s own custom mobile app is amazingly affordable. Click here to explore our features and pricing options available for your church.